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Assaulting someones character when you have no actual proof is poor, possibly even libelous. Attacki
30.03.2017 06:18

In today's world, employers have a tendency to run on-line investigations before hiring people and nobody would desire these innuendos on their record.
By making unfounded accusations in public, folks endanger his ability to proceed with his life. This should function as a notice to everyone - think before you rant and if you had been incorrect, ensure that you say so in the most public manner possible! What's fair is fair.

My Opinion: Afterthoughts about AANR
While I 'm perceived by many as being anti-AANR, I'm not. I 've taken many hits from people about my words on this particular problem. People said that I 've no right to express my view since I am no longer an AANR member. Others asserted that I'm merely out to close nude beach teen down. Some went as far as to call me out for not being a team player and never caring about the repercussions of what I 'm posting.
To all those who made such claims, I want to say this if I did not care I would not have spent so many hours researching this problem. I would not have put myself in the direct line of fire if I failed to care. Like it or not, the nudie world is little. What FKK does isn't directly related to anyone else but for people to believe it has no effect is nonsensical. Precisely the same goes for AANR.
Like it or not, FKK does not conceal, lie or deflect duty.
Though I feel there are barely notable achievements that have been made by AANR (as far as I know) in the last few years, I am looking forward to a time when that statement isn't any longer accurate.
My expertise with AANR has honestly been a frustrating one. They've made false statements, took credit for things they were not involved in, assaulted both me and Felicity personally and have policies set up that I could never support.
Having said that, maybe this issue will function as an eye opener and call to actions. It really is nice to have committees and board meetings. But I think it really is erotic beach to say that it's also time for activity. It appears clear to me that AANR is only about now because specific clubs push their members to be AANR members. If AANR cannot live without the forced support of a significant number of its members, many are arguing that perhaps there is just not enough public support to warrant their existence.
In closing, I simply wanted to make one more point. while I say AANR, I will be only talking about the AANR national organization. For individuals who don't know, AANR National is the umbrella, and the regions are all independent corporations. On the regional level, I am 110% supportive. National is different, and that is who's collecting and spending most of the money that the local clubs are generating.
Please do comment below. If I have made any errors or if you think I missed anything afterward I SHOULD UNDERSTAND!
This article was written by Jordan Blum for Young Naturists and Young Naturists America - FKK.
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About the Writer (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Nudist Portal.Hawaii Nude Beach - Why Should Kauai Nudists Get Off My Plage
Guest Nudie Blog by: Tony Young
Hawaii Nude Beach and Nudists:
Dennis Bosio is one of several tourists who visit the isle of Kauai, but unlike the typical sunseeking haoles who lay out on cloth shores, he and his wife are long time naturists, now 62 year old retirees, who actively frequent concealed shores for the goals of clothes-free enjoyment in sunlight.
Less than three years past, Bosio and his wife were renting a house near Larsen's Beach Road. As a way to reach the traditionally naked strand called Larsen's Playa on the northeast side of Kauai, there's one safe lateral, coastal access trail which runs THROUGH private property possessed by Waioli Corporation, a non-profit organization. The plage is also known as Lepe'uli Beach. At the time of this incident, Bosio seen several pick-ups on this particular trail with workers bearing chain saws and large machinery all the way up to the strand.
On March 6, 2010 at about 9:30 a.m., Bosio and his wife were on the lateral, coastal trail when a cattle rancher got out of a dump truck, identified himself as Bruce Laymon and confronted him.
You are on private property and you know it, he said. Iwill shoot your image and the next time we see you on our property we'll have you arrested.


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