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New Way Of Naturism By the Young Naturists
01.04.2017 06:12

Our new method of naturism - We would like to announce some changes to our FKK members and followers. When you are probably well aware, we (Felicity Jones and Jordan) have been investing every waking minute of the day along with every last penny we've got in creating this wonderful nudist community of amazing folks.
We've been perceived as the black sheep of the nudist movement virtually from day one and while there have been many people that have done whatever they could to squash our attempts, we're still here. We'd hoped the naturist movement along with naturist businesses would welcome this new mainstream approach but we did underestimate just how un-evolved the movement was and still is.
A New Approach To Nudism at FKK
A New Way Of Naturism at FKK - Love, Freedom, Endorsement!
The core issues, that we are continuously confronted with, are that naturist leaders and company owners:
Do not comprehend how the internet functions
Don't believe in spending any cash to entice new business
Are fearful of the "outsiders"

Don't take constructive criticism well
Can't communicate efficiently and do not react promptly
Aren't open-minded enough for the current way people believe
Are uncooperative and exceptionally close
Lack the abilities and openness to learn how exactly to reach more people
Aren't willing to actively support other companies and collaborate
Since we just can not force folks to transform, we feel it is time for us to accept the facts. We are unhappy that here, in the U.S., the principal naturist organizations and companies aren't willing to really listen and evolve the naturist movement. We are going to continue to work with naturist clubs and organizations, but we realize that it is not up to us to ensure their survival. There are reasons why organizations aren't doing well and why clubs are seeing a diminishing number of members (particularly younger ones). But we can not compel people to believe long term, and we now recognize that we should not even try.
So with that in mind, we have determined to do what exactly is best for us: we will be scaling down our functioning. Over the the next couple of days / weeks we will begin to implement our new way of nudism and FKK.
Here are a few of the things you can expect to see occur:
Due to the overwhelming quantity of general e-mails that we get, we'll now be reacting to most of them once a week. We'll also be releasing content less frequently.
We will no more be doing largely pro bono work for nudism related businesses. If you need us to help, then we ask that you place value on our time. Up to now, we have been spending our personal savings to drive out and speak with individuals. have done work for people / companies at no charge.
The good thing about working with us is that FKK knows this niche market and we curently have a considerable following and presence. As summarized on our website, we can offer help and consultation services in the following areas - web site optimization, design, online marketing, social networking, blog marketing, niche marketing and outreach, event creation and promotion. We even can optimize pay-per click campaigns (for Google) so that companies will wind up paying far less per click while achieving an increased advertising positioning. And the list continues on.
While our rates are a fraction of what it'd cost in "external world," we still need to be able to make something. So we request that you be understanding and respectful of our needs, should you choose to work with us.
We now have been getting a boatload of e-mails mainly from the U.S., Canada, Australia and England. People really want to FKK to do things in their own area. It has formerly been reached by creating chapters in distinct regions. Chapter leaders were responsible for blogging, organizing events regularly and maintaining various social media. The idea was really to create self-sustaining groups which could generate their own funds and provide a revenue stream for whoever was in charge.
It was a lot of work, and it proved to be too much for those leaders. Aside from NY / NJ, we haven't found individuals who are competent and / or willing to invest the time and energy needed to cultivate a substantial following.
So, we are creating a second tier - the "FKK associate group." The groups will be made up of one chief individual who will be the group's manager. This man will be in charge of assuming any and all obligation for that group. The groups will basically be or inactive as the leader desires it to be. If individuals in the group need more, then it will be up to them to make their voices heard or even to take over and / or help out with the management of that said group.
Nudist Groups are expected to abide by and enforce the regulations and fashion of conduct both online and offline.
Naturist Groups will receive support from FKK in the following ways:
Access to the FKK site for publishing content - this is key to broadening the exposure of any group.
Access to the FKK e-mail newsletters - To inform people of what they are doing.
FKK will use our social networks to establish the group - we will add individuals that we understand from that place and declare the formation of the new group online.
Nudist Groups are expected to:
Behave in accordance with the manner of actions which is summarized on the FKK website
Respond to FKK when we contact them
Notify FKK immediately of any problems that appear
Remove any individuals who misbehave
We shall soon start to close down a number of our other chapters, but that doesn't mean that we are no more present. That's up to every single group to decide.
Please note that FKK is a organized movement. We do have checks and balances and folks can not only do whatever they wish whenever they feel like it. The most valuable asset we have is our reputation, and that is something we're not and WOn't be willing to risk. We haven't any issue with closing down any group at any time or revoking any of the privileges if we believe that it is crucial.
We will be implementing these changes in the near future, but will continue to do as much as we can to grow our FKK movement and to make a positive impact on naturism.
As always we welcome your ideas in the comments section below.


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