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Upon seeing Kristen for the first time, Chucks first "private" comment was how impressed he was by h
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In stark contrast, Kristen was clearly feeling more guarded as she sat cross legged and and was somewhat distant.
Kristen is clearly fairly sexual in nature. A fact that appeared to scare Chuck a little bit and made him hit the booze more difficult to try and control his fear.
Kristen tries to not stare at chuck's member during their naked date. Pic: VH1
As they were talking, Kristen kept looking down, almost uncontrollably, at Chuck's crotch. She mentioned that she thought his dick is quite and kept looking down. I found this interesting as the male penis is seldom described as "pretty," but in a way I also found it quite cunning. She was obviously smitten by Chuck and his pretty penis.
As Camille was becoming naked for her date, she mentioned that she was excited. She was still clearly uncomfortable with being nude, but she appeared to be accepting her naked self a bit better the second time around.
On this date, she meets Rob, a young man who has the body of someone who obviously spends much time in the gym. Camille enjoyed the fact that was "developed" and thought he was "super popular."
As Rob was getting nude and preparing to meet his date, he said he believed it'd be better to meet nude. He was of the view that clothes are simply materialistic things, and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about meeting someone and getting to know them for who they're as apposed to what they looked like or what clothing they selected to wear.. He was clearly fairly comfortable being nude and said that for him, it was a interesting and liberating experience.
Dating Naked is a show that's based on the premise that once clothes are removed, individuals become less judgmental and more accepting. But Camille fast dispelled that premise as she immediately judged him for being previously engaged and the fact which he was younger. Rob is 22 which made Camille feel somewhat uncertain of how viable a relationship with him would be.
Camille also made a comment that looked somewhat judgmental. She said that his dick looks like "a baby's arm holding an apple." She looked just a tad little unhappy with that fact. Nonetheless as the date went on, she appeared to be able look past the surface, and it looked like she appreciated their time together.
Chuck decided to take complete benefit of his new found freedom and show up naked. This made Rob feel a bit competitive, like he had to "step it up" a bit. She appeared to happen to be taken by surprise by Chuck's nakedness, but at the same time, she also appeared to be fairly content about it.
Thank night, Rob and Camille had "dating naked sex", but Kristen decided to play a power game with Chuck instead. She claimed that guys like a challenge and refused to invite him to her room. In her opinion, playing the game would entice him more. I find this tactic to be fairly counterproductive and notably in this special setting.
Dating Nude Day 3
On day 3, Chuck feels comfortable getting naked. Now, getting or being nude looks like second nature to him - YAY!!!
Michelle was obviously nervous and being nude in public was something that made her feel uneasy.
During their date, they were tasked with assembling a raft. Constructing the raft made Michelle feel uneasy because there was a lot of bending over involved. She was quite concerned and self-conscious about showing Chuck her vagina in this kind of obvious way. Chuck, on the other hand, didn't appear to care about the nakedness and was fairly uninhibited. He was bending over and crouching while constructing his makeshift raft.
As Camille was becoming nude for her third date, she still looked a bit uncomfortable, but was handling it better. She meets Julian, a lithe young man with dreadlocks and tattoos. Being tattooed herself, Camille found him physically appealing. But as the two met and spoke for the first time, Julian was unable to control his delight and had an erection. While he's obviously erect, he worked like nothing is wrong and kept a really suave-like conduct. was quite odd as it is an obviously inept first assembly and an acknowledgement of his excited state appeared warranted.


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